Cisco Training & Consultancy

Training forms a fundamental part of Network Four’s total solution approach. To us, training forms a very important part of any solution that we propose because it touches on one of the most neglected part of any implementation - investing in people. We provide both Technical and end-user training on all our products. Bespoke training is also offered to address specific customer requirements.

To equip ICT network support personnel with relevant skills to effectively perform their duties and prepare for certification exams

Network Four Limited

Specific Objective

Based on the official Cisco training curriculum, the proposed boot-camp will be focused on delivering data and voice skills to the participants. After the boot camp, participants will be able to effectively support their data and voice networks based on Cisco products. Participants will also have sharpened their skills in the relevant areas and will now be courageous to face the certification exams. The boot-camp will focus on addressing real networking issues & solutions faced by support personnel in organizations and solving of tricky exam questions as pooled from various publications, including those ones from Cisco press. The boot-camps are aimed at sharing of experiences, networking, understanding and solving complex network scenarios

Target audience

The targeted audience includes support staff from small, medium sized and corporate entities. This audience is targeted due to the growth currently being experienced in those organizations and which has resulted in skills gaps in the application of new technologies that drive business objectives. With the convergence of data and voice on to the same physical infrastructure, networks are now becoming more complex, requiring new skills and maintenance/updating of those skills already acquired. The audience will be expected to have some hands on experience with Cisco devices (or have undergone training on the relevant areas) and a good understanding of networking technologies


The training center will provide a computer for each participant loaded with simulation software. The participants will also have a chance to play around with real Cisco gear (switches and routers). Reference books will be made available in the library for better grasping of networking technologies.

Venue and Dates

The venues will be at Network Four’s premises and at agreed dates (this will depend on quorum as per the number of registered candidates from the main site and walk-ins). The boot-camps will go for approximately 3 hours a day, for a duration of 10 days per session (a total of 30 hrs). The proposed delivery time is between 6:00 to 9:00pm (with the assumption that most of the participants will be in active employment)

Bootcamp Costs

This will be at a fixed amount of Ksh. 30,000.00 + VAT per session, with an average duration of 10 days (3hrs per day) and as per the above timelines


Network Four Limited engages in consultancy services in the area of systems integration, and also offer specialized training programs for business productivity enhancement