About us

Network Four believes very strongly in technical, financial, business and moral excellence. To secure a stable future for all those connected with Network Four, we have set the following long-term goal: We want to be the market leaders in the provision of business solutions through the application of appropriate enabling technology and services. This is to be evidenced by:

  • A continuously growing customer base
  • Customer retention
  • Healthy financial ratios
  • Technical excellence

Network Four Limited

Business Partnerships and Corporate Strength

Network Four’s focused strategy is of carefully understanding of its customers’ business and building long-term relationships so that an efficient and profitable application of information & communication technology is achieved. Network Four has forged business partnerships with solid leading edge companies like 3Com Corporation, CISCO Systems, AT&T Private Networks (Lucent Technologies and now Avaya Communication), Microsoft Corporation and Siemon Cabling Systems, Hewllet Packard (HP), American Power Conversion (APC), Panasonic Voice Systems among others.

These associations undoubtedly place Network Four at insurmountable capability strength levels equaling one of the best in the current ICT market today. Network Four will continue to develop these associations and expand its business in East Africa and other maration with fellow industry leaders, we have been able to deliver the most appropriate mix of hardware, software and services to meet our customers’ Information & Communication Technology requirements. This has undoubtedly enabled us to eliminate the technology risk on the part of the customer thereby freeing them to concentrate on what they do know how to do best - running their businesses.

Networking is penetrating organizations of every size in every part of the world. In East Africa, particularly Kenya, networking has firmly taking root, with large and small companies requiring networking and connections to branch offices. In order to meet the demand for these services, Network Four provides and supports a wide range of products in Networking and Communications. Some of these products are from 3Com, Microsoft, Avaya Communication, CISCO Systems, Siemon, Panasonic amongst others. Network Four has struck strategic partnerships with some of the leading computer manufacturers and suppliers both locally and abroad. Network Four has invested heavily in recruiting the right caliber of technical staff with a wide range of experience in Networking and Communication. To date, Network Four brings together over 18 years of computing experience.